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January 10th, 2013: SAPIENCE

Definition: SAPIENCE*SAPIENCES n wisdom

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sapienceS

Ana-hooks: paTencies paTiences peaceniKs

'Typos': salience sapiency

Blana-grams: aGencies caLipees canOpies capeLins capesKin cHeapens cHeapies cineasTe epicenEs escapinG especiaL eUcaines Faiences Fiancees incRease inscapeS Kneecaps napeRies paincHes panicLes paTience peaceniK pecTines peLicans peMicans penaLise penaNces pinNaces piscInae seapiecE sepaLine siXpence spaceMen speciaTe speciMen

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acne acnes ae ai ain ains ais an ane anes ani anis anise ape apes apices apiece apneic apse as asci asp aspen aspic cain cains can cane canes cans cap cape capes caps case casein cease cee cees cense cep cepe cepes ceps cine cines cis ease en encase ens epic epics es escape esne ice ices in incase ins inscape is na nae nap nape napes naps ne neap neaps nee neep neeps nice niece nieces nip nipa nipas nips pa pac pace paces pacs pain pains paise pan pane panes panic panics pans pas pase pe pea peace peaces pean peans peas pease peasen pec pecan pecans pecs pee peen peens pees pein peins peise pen pence penes penis pens pes pi pia pian pians pias pic pica picas pice pics pie piece pieces pies pin pina pinas pine pines pins pis psi sac sae saice sain sane sap scan scape scena scene sea seance sec see seen seep sei seine sen sene seneca sepia sepic si sic sice sin since sine sip sipe snap sneap snip snipe spa space spae span spean spec specie spence spica spicae spice spin spine

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