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December 23rd, 2012: STRETTA

Definition: STRETTA*STRETTAS*STRETTE n stretto

Anagrams: tartest tatters

Hooks: strettaS

Ana-hooks: attestEr attestOr attrItes rattIest tartIest tartLets tattLers testatOr tItrates trIstate

'Typos': strette stretti stretto

Blana-grams: artIest artIste attestS attIres attrIte attrIts Batters estrEat etatIst Fattest Hatters Iratest Latters Matters Natters Patters Pattest ratItes ratteNs ratteRs rattLes restaRt restatE retastE rOtates sCatter sHatter sMatter sPatter staretS starLet starteD starteR startLe staterS statUre statUte strIate stUtter sWatter taPster tarGets tartLet tasterS tastIer tattIer tattIes tattLer tattLes taUtest testatE tetraDs tettErs tHreats tItrate tItters tOaster tOtters trItest Wattest Yatters

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are ares ars arse art arts as aster at ate ates att attest ear ears east eat eats er era eras ers erst es est et eta etas ras rase rat rate rates rats re res resat rest ret rets sae sat sate sea sear seat ser sera set seta sett star stare start stat state stater stet ta tae tar tare tares tars tart tarts tas tase taser taste taster tat tate tater taters tates tats tatter te tea tear tears teas teat teats tes test testa tet tetra tetras tets treat treats tres tret trets tsar

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