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December 14th, 2012: SCION

Definition: SCION*SCIONS n a child or descendant

Anagrams: cions coins icons sonic

Hooks: scionS

Ana-hooks: Binocs cAsino cHinos coiGns coLins coniAs coniCs coniEs coniNs coOsin cosiGn cosinE cosinG coUsin coVins iconEs incoGs ionIcs nicoLs oRcins oscinE sonicS Tocsin Tonics Zincos

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Bison cAins cAnso cHino cHins cHons ciAos cinEs cisCo cLons coiFs coiGn coiLs coiRs coiTs coLin conEs conFs coniA coniC coniN conKs conNs conUs coOns coRni coRns cosiE coVin Dinos Disco Eosin Ficos Finos Foins iKons incoG incUs inFos ionIc iRons Joins Kinos Linos Lions Loins Micos Minos nicKs nicoL nocKs noiLs noiRs noisE noisY noMic noRis oinKs oinTs oncEs oncUs onTic oPsin oRcin oRnis osMic Pions Pisco Psion Roins Rosin sconE scoRn sicKo sincE siRoc snicK soDic soncE soZin sToic Tonic Uncos Vinos Vison Winos Yonic Yonis Zinco Zincs


Sub-anagrams: cion cis coin con coni cons cos icon in ins io ion ions ios is iso nis no nos oi on ons os si sic sin so soc son

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