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December 10th, 2012: CRENATED

Definition: CRENATED adj crenate

Anagrams: cantered decanter recanted

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: decanterS deScanter entraNced nectarIed reenactEd Uncatered Uncreated

'Typos': cremated

Blana-grams: acCented acCreted acerAted adHerent anecdOte antecedE antLered aScender atTender Bantered caBernet caLender canCered canKered careenEd carOtene carPeted cartOned caVerned centareS centerEd centIare crateRed craVened creatIne credenDa credenZa cUneated decaDent decanteD decenarY decentEr decentrE decOrate decretaL denatUre detacHer detaIner dIcentra entraNce Increate Iterance Lanceted natTered neatHerd nOtecard Parented Preacted Preenact racHeted racKeted ratTened reacCent reaScend reaScent recanteR recOated recRated recReant redacteD reenactS retacKed retaIned retRaced Sarcenet tendaNce terRaced trencHed Uncarted Uncrated Uncreate Underact Underate Undereat Untraced

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acne acned acre acred act acted ad ae an and ane ant ante anted anteed antre ar arc arced ardent are arene arete art at ate cad cade cadent cadet cadre can cane caned caner cant canted canter car card care cared careen caret carn carnet cart carte carted cat cate cater catered cedar cedarn cede ceder cee cent centare center centra centre centred cerate cerated cere cered cetane cete crane craned crate crated create created cred credent creed crenate dace dan dance dancer dare darn dart date dater de dean dear decane decant decare decent decern dee deer deet den denar dene dent derat derate dere deter drat dree ear eared earn earned eat eaten eater ecarte ed en enact enacted enate end endear ender enter entera er era ere erect ern erne et eta etna na nacre nacred nae narc nard ne near neared neat neater nectar nee need nerd net race raced rad ran rance rand ranee rant ranted rat rate rated re react reacted read rec recane recaned recant recent recta red redact redan redate rede ree reed reenact rend rent rente rented ret rete ta tace tad tae tan tanrec tar tare tared (and 27 more)

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