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November 28th, 2012: INTHRONE


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: inthroneD inthroneS

Ana-hooks: ornithIne threoninE

'Typos': enthrone unthrone

Blana-grams: Anointer Antihero ethErion Fenthion herEinto hornieSt inDentor inherEnt inornAte intonerS intrenCh inVentor neUtrino nitroGen nonWhite northeRn northinG notChier noVerint ornitheS oVerthin reAnoint ternionS therMion thinnerS thionIne thornieR thorninG throeinG throninG tinhornS tonTiner triPhone

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: eh en eon er ern et eth ethion he heir hen hent her heriot hern hero heroin heron het hi hie hin hint hinter hire hit ho hoe hoer hoi hon hone honer hore horn hornet hot hote hoten in inert inn inner inro inter intern into intone intoner intro intron io ion ire iron irone it ither ne neon net nie nine ninth nit nite niter niton nitre nitro no noh noint noir non none nonet nor nori norite north not note noter nother nth oe oh oi oint on one oner or ore orient ort other re reh rei rein ren renin rent ret rhine rhino rho rhone rin rine riot rit rite roe roin rone ronne ront ronte rot rote roti te tehr ten tenno tenon tenor tern ternion the thein their then thin thine thinner thio thir tho thon thorn thro throe throne ti tie tier tin tine tinhorn tinner tire tiro to toe ton tone toner tonier tonne tonner tor tore tori torn trie trin trine trio tron trone

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