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November 10th, 2012: BOLTHEAD

Definition: BOLTHEAD*BOLTHEADS n a matrass

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: boltheadS

Ana-hooks: bloOdheat deathbloW holdeRbat

'Typos': jolthead

Blana-grams: balLoted beNthoal blotChed deaDbolt Globated holdabLe hYlobate oathAble toOlhead

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abed abet able abled ablet abo abode ad ado adobe ae ah ahed ahold al alb albe albedo ale alod aloe aloed alt altho alto at ate ba bad bade bael bah baht bal bald bale baled bat bate bated bath bathe bathed be bead beat beath bed behold bel belah belt bet beta beth bhel blad blade blae blah blahed blat blate bleat bled blet bloat bloated blot bo boa boat boated boatel bod bode bodle boh bohea bola bold bole bolt bolted bot bota botel both da dab dae dah dahl dal dale daleth dalt date dato de deal dealt death deb debt del delt delta dhal dhol dhole do doab doable doat dob dobla doe doeth doh dol dole dolt dot dotal dote doth ea eat eath ed edh eh el eld elt et eta eth ethal ha hable had hade hae haed haet hale haled halo haloed halt halted hao haole hat hate hated he head heal heald heat held helo helot het ho hoa hoaed hob hod hoe hoed hold hole holed holt hot hotbed hote hotel la lab lad lade lah lat late lated lath lathe lathed lea lead leat led let lo (and 67 more)

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