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November 8th, 2012: ROSIN

Definition: ROSIN*ROSINS*ROSINED*ROSINING v to treat with rosin (a brittle resin)

Anagrams: irons noirs noris ornis roins

Hooks: rosinG rosinS rosinY

Ana-hooks: Arsino Girons Grison Groins inorBs inTros ironEs Minors niDors niTros noriAs nosiEr orCins orisOn orPins Prions Prison Proins rHinos roBins sEnior siGnor sonEri sorinG sPinor

'Typos': eosin resin robin rosit

Blana-grams: Airns Arson Bison Brins Brios Cions Coins Coirs Corni Corns Dinos Finos Firns Foins Frons Girns Giron Giros Grins Groin Horns iCons iKons inFos inorB inTro ironE ironY Joins Kinos Kirns Linos Lions Loins Loirs Loris Minor Minos Morns nAris niDor nirLs niTro noiLs noisE noisY noriA norKs norMs nosEr oinKs oinTs onErs oPsin orCin orPin orRis osiEr Pions Pirns Porns Prion Proin Psion rAins rAnis rEins rHino rinDs rinEs rinGs rinKs rinsE rioTs risEn riVos roAns roiLs roisT roJis ronEs ronTs roOns roTis rUins sArin sCion sCorn sEnor sErin sEron sHorn sirEn siroC snirT snorE snorT sonAr soniC sornS soZin sWorn Tiros Torsi Trins Trios Trois Trons Urson Vinos Vison Visor Winos Yonis Zoris

Extensions: ProsinG rosinED rosinOL ProsinGS rosinATE rosinESS rosinING rosinOLS rosinOUS BEProsinG FIBrosinG NECrosinG NIGrosinS ProsinESS UNrosinED rosinATES rosinWEED PRIMrosinG SCLErosinG rosinESSES rosinWEEDS ERYTHrosinS KErosinE(S) NIGrosin(S) ProsinESSES TYrosinE(S) NIGrosinE(S) ERYTHrosin(S) TYrosinASE(S) ERYTHrosinE(S)

Sub-anagrams: in inro ins io ion ions ios iron is iso nis no noir nor nori nos oi on ons or ors os rin rins roin si sin sir so son sori sorn sri

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