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October 19th, 2012: ESCOT

Definition: ESCOT*ESCOTS*ESCOTED*ESCOTING v to provide support for

Anagrams: coset coste cotes estoc

Hooks: escotS

Ana-hooks: ceNtos cestoI cestoS cLoset cLotes coAtes coMets coMtes coNtes coRset cosetS cosSet costAe costeD costeR costeS cotIse coVets coYest escoRt estocS octeTs oecIst Rectos scoteR sectoR socKet

'Typos': ascot

Blana-grams: Atocs Besot cAste cAtes ceLts ceNto ceNts ceRos ceRts cestA cestI cetEs cHest cHose cItes cLose cLote cLots coAst coAte coAts coDes coeDs coIts coKes coLes coLts coMes coMet coMte coNes coNte coOst coOts coPes coPse coRes coRse coseC coseD coseS coseY cosIe costA costS coteD cotHs cotTs coVes coVet coXes coZes cRest cRost cUtes cYtes Decos Doest Dotes ecHos estoP estRo etHos eYots Lotes Mesto Moste Motes Notes ocHes octAs octeT oNces oNset Pesto Poets Potes Recto Roset Rotes sceAt sceNt scoNe scoOt scoPe scoRe scotS scoUt scUte secCo sectS setoN seXto sHote sMote socLe soNce soOte soUce soUct soWce steNo stoAe stocK stoeP stoIc stoKe stoLe stoNe stoPe stoRe stoVe tAces tAcos tecHs teLos tHose tIces tocKs tocOs toeAs toGes toIse toKes toLes toMes toNes toPes toRcs toRes toRse toseD toseS toTes toUse toWse toZes Voces Votes

Extensions: escotED escotING escotTED escotTING

Sub-anagrams: cos cose cost cot cote cots es est et oe oes os ose scot sec seco sect set so soc sot st te tes to toc tocs toe toes tose

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