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August 23rd, 2012: COLLAGEN

Definition: COLLAGEN*COLLAGENS n a protein

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: collagenS

Ana-hooks: allogenIc collegIan

'Typos': collaged collages

Blana-grams: aglYcone allongeS collegIa congealS galleonS longeVal longleaF noNlegal ocTangle

Extensions: collagenIC collagenASE collagenOUS collagenASES TROPOcollagenS TROPOcollagen(S)

Sub-anagrams: ace acne ae aeon ag age agen ago agon agone al ale alec all allonge aloe alone along an ance ancle ane angel angle anole cage call calo can cane cang cangle canoe cel cell cella cello clag clan clang clean cleg clog clon clonal clone coal cog col cola cole coll collage con cone conga conge congeal ea ean egal ego el elan ell en eng engaol enol eoan eon gae gaen gal gale gall galleon gallon gan gane gaol geal gean gel gen gena genal genoa geo glace glance glean glen go goa goal goe goel gole gollan gon gone la lac lace lag lance lane lang lea leal lean leg legal leglan leng leno llano lo loan loca local locale log logan loge lone long longa longe na nae nag ne neal no noel nog nole noll oca ocean oe ogle ole olea olla on once one

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