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July 21st, 2012: SECONDER

Definition: SECONDER*SECONDERS n one that seconds

Anagrams: censored encoders necrosed

Hooks: seconderS

Ana-hooks: cenTrodes coArsened coendUres conCeders condeNser conserVed consTered conVersed cresCendo

'Typos': seconded secondee secondes

Blana-grams: Ascender censUred cenTrode cHondres cHordees codeInes coendUre coenUres coGeners conCeder conCedes condeNse condOres conGreed conGrees conserVe consIder conVerse coOsened corneRed corseTed corsnedS cosHered coZeners crUnodes deBoners decoDers decoYers decroWns deForces dornecKs drAcones drencHes ecdYsone encLosed encLoser enderoNs endorseD endorseE endorseR endorseS endosArc endoWers enForced enForces ensorceL erodenTs escorTed escroWed Frescoed Indorsee necroseS oBscener ordInees Precodes Proceeds reAscend reAsoned recensEd recHosen recKoned recLosed recoIned redBones rednecKs reendoWs rescoRed screenEd secernEd secTored serMoned Worsened

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cede ceder ceders cedes cee cees cendre cens cense censed censer censor cere cered ceres cerne cerned cernes cero ceros cod code coden codens coder coders codes cods coed coeds con cond conder conders cone coned cones cons cor cord cords core cored cores corn corned corns cors corse corsned cos cose cosed cred credo credos creds cree creed creeds crees crone crones de decern decerns deco decor decors decos dee deen deens deer deers dees den dene denes dens dense denser dere deres dern derns do doc docs doe doen doer doers does don done donee donees dons dor dore doree dorees dors dorse dos dose doser dree drees drone drones dso ecod ed ee een en encode encoder encodes encore encored encores end ender enders endorse ends ene enes ens eon eons er ere ered eres ern erne erned ernes erns erode erodes eros erose ers es esne ne necrose ned neds nee need needs nerd nerds no nod node nodes nods noes nor nos nose nosed noser od ode odes ods oe oes on once oncer oncers onces one oner oners ones ons or orc orcs ord ords ore ores ors os ose re rec recode recodes (and 96 more)

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