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July 20th, 2012: VELARIZE

Definition: VELARIZE*VELARIZED*VELARIZING*VELARIZES v to pronounce with the back of the tongue touching the soft palate

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: velarizeD velarizeS

Ana-hooks: verBalize verNalize

'Typos': velarise

Blana-grams: laTerize leviraTe liveWare Overzeal realizeD realizeR realizeS reCeival relaTive revieWal rivalIze Sleazier valOrize

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aerie ai ail air aiver aizle al ale alee alive ar are ariel aril arle ave aver avize ea eale ear earl eave ee eel el elver er era ere ervil eve ever evil eviler ilea ire izar la laer lair lar lare laree lari lav lave laveer laver laze lazier lea lear leare leave leaver leavier leaze lee leear leer lei leir lere lev leva leve lever levier lez li liar lie lier lieve liever lira lire live liver livre rai rail raile rale rave ravel raze razee re real realize reave ree reel rei reive relie relive rev reveal revel revie revile rez ria rial riel rieve rile riva rival rive rivel riz riza vae vail vair vaire vale vali var vare veal veale vealer vealier vee veer veil veiler vela velar vele vera vezir via viae vial vie vier vile viler viral vire virl vlei vril zaire zea zeal zee zel zila

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