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June 14th, 2012: TROCHAIC

Definition: TROCHAIC*TROCHAICS n a trochee

Anagrams: thoracic

Hooks: trochaicS

Ana-hooks: archoNtic chroMatic

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: achroMic acroLith acroStic actoriSh aircoAch aNorthic atroPhic carRitch cartoUch catchiEr cathoDic cathoLic chariotS choraGic cochairS corticaL cratoNic haricotS Narcotic octarchY orchitIc orichaLc rachitIc ricochEt toVarich

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ach acrotic act actor ah ai air airt airth ait aitch aortic ar arc arch arco arctic ariot art artic at atoc cacti car caroch cart cat catch ch cha chaco chai chair chao chaotic char chariot chart chat chi chia chiao chic chica chico chiro chirt chit choc choir choria choric chota ciao circa cit cito coach coact coat coati coca coch cochair coir coit cor coria cot coth cratch crit crith croc croci crotch ha hair hao haricot haro hart hat hi hic hit ho hoa hoar hoc hoi hora hot ich ichor io iota it ita itch oar oat oath oca och octa oh ohia oi or ora orach orc orca orchat ort otic rach rah rai rait rat ratch rath ratio rato rho rhotic ria rich richt riot rit roach roc roch rot rota rotch roti ta tach tacho taco tahr tai tao tar taro taroc thar thio thir tho thoria thoric thro ti tiar tic ticca tich tiro to toc tor tora torah torc torch tori toric triac trio trochi

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