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April 21st, 2012: SCUTCHER

Definition: SCUTCHER*SCUTCHERS n one that scutches

Anagrams: crutches

Hooks: scutcherS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': scutched scutches

Blana-grams: Butchers cAtchers cAtechus chetruMs chuNters churcHes cLeruchs cLutches cOuchers crAtches crOchets crOtches crOuches cruNches crutcheD cuLtches cutcherY Grutches Gutchers hucKster Putchers scOuther stuccOer tOuchers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cercus cert certs ch che cher chert cherts chest chuse chut chute chutes crest cru cruces crue crues cruet cruets crus cruse cruset crush crust crutch cue cues cur curch curches cure cures curet curets curs curse curst curt cusec cush cut cutch cutches cute cuter cutes cuts ech echt ecru ecrus ecu ecus eh ehs er ers erst eruct eructs es est et etch eth eths he her hers hes hest het hets hue huer huers hues hurst hurt hurts hut huts re rec recs rectus recut recuts reh rehs res resh rest ret retch rets rhus ruc ruche ruches rucs rue rues ruse rush rust rut ruth ruths ruts scur scut scutch scute sec sect ser set sh she shet shut shute st sture such sucre sue suer suet sur sure te tech techs tehr tehrs tes teuch the thru thus tres truce truces true trues tusche tush uh ur ure ures us use user usher ut ute utes uts

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