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April 15th, 2012: BIRDSONG

Definition: BIRDSONG*BIRDSONGS n the song of a bird

Anagrams: songbird

Hooks: birdsongS

Ana-hooks: Adsorbing boArdings dEsorbing disrobIng signboArd songbirdS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Abording bigHorns birdIngs boArding bondiNgs bridoOns brigAnds brodDing brodKins broKings broOding broWsing Cordings dorisIng droVings droWsing girLonds inboArds Lordings nEgroids obdUring obsignEd roAdings rodDings snoWbird sobEring soMbring sTrobing sWording Wordings

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: bi bid bidon bidons bids big bigs bin bind binds bing bingo bingos bings bins bio biog biogs bios bird birds bis bison bo bod boding bodings bods bog bogs boing boings bon bond bonds bong bongs bor bord bords boring borings born bors bos brig brigs brin bring brings brins brio brios bris bro brod brods brog brogs brond bronds bros di dib dibs dig digs din ding dingo dings dino dinos dins dis do dob dobs dog dogs doing doings don dong dongs dons dor dors dos dosing drib dribs dso gi gib gibs gibson gid gids gin gins gio gios gird girds girn girns giro giron girons giros gis go gob gobs god gods gon gons gor gos grid grids grin grind grinds grins gris grison groin groins id ids in ingo inorb inorbs inro ins io ion ions ios iron irons is iso nib nibs nid nidor nidors nids nis no nob nobs nod nodi nods nog nogs noir noirs nor nori noris nos ob obi obis obs obsign od ods oi on ons or orb orbing orbs ord ords ornis ors os rib ribs rid rids rig rigs rin rind rinds ring rings rins rob (and 40 more)

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