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March 25th, 2012: TROUBLER

Definition: TROUBLER*TROUBLERS n one that troubles

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: troublerS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': troubled troubles

Blana-grams: bArrulet blurterS boulterS bourtreE Clotebur lAbourer obtruDer roburIte robuSter rubeolAr tAbourer trueborN ulterIor

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: be bel belt bet blet blore blot blue bluer bluet blur blurt blurter bo bole bolt bolter bor bore borel borer borrel bort bot botel boule boult boulter bout brer bro brr brule brulot brut brute bruter bur buret burl burler burr burrel burro but bute buteo butle butler el elt elutor eorl er err et euro let leu lo lob lobe lor lore lot lote lour loure lout lube lur lure lurer lute luter ob obe oe ole or orb ore orle ort ou our out outer outler outre re reb rebut ret retour retro rob robe roble roe role rore rort rot rote rotl rouble roue roul roule rout route router rub rube ruble rue ruer rule ruler rut te tel to toe tole tolu tor tore torr tour tourer trouble troule true truer tub tube tuber tule turbo ule ur urb ure ut ute

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