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March 19th, 2012: BONGOIST

Definition: BONGOIST*BONGOISTS n a bongo player

Anagrams: boosting

Hooks: bongoistS

Ana-hooks: tobogGins

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: bEsognio bigFoots biLtongs biotRons boAsting boAtings boLtings bonitoEs booKings booMings bosoMing bostAngi Eobionts Footings isobRont Lootings Mootings Roosting Rootings sCooting sHooting sMooting snootiNg sootHing stobBing stooginG stooKing stooLing stooPing stRobing tAbooing tobogGin tooLings tooTsing

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: bi big bigot bigots bigs bin bing bingo bingos bings bins bint bints bio biog biogs biont bionts bios bis bison bit bito bitos bits bo bog bogs boing boings bon bong bongo bongos bongs bonist bonito bonitos boo booing boon boong boongs boons boos boosing boost boot booting boots bos boson boston bot bots gi gib gibs gibson gin gins gio gios gis gist git gits go gob gobo gobos gobs gon gons goo goon goons goos gos got in ingo ingot ingots ins into io ion ions ios is iso isogon it its nib nibs nis nit nits no nob nobs nog nogs noo nos nostoi not ob obi obis obit obits obo oboist obos obs obsign oi oint oints on ons onst onto oo oobit oobits oon oons oont oonts oos oot oots os si sib sign sin sing sit snib snig snit snob snog snoot snot so sob sog son song soon soot sooting sot st sting stingo stob stong ti tig tigon tigons tigs tin ting tings tins tis to tog togs toison ton tong tongs tons too toon toons tosing

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