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March 3rd, 2012: SCAUPER

Definition: SCAUPER*SCAUPERS n an engraving tool

Anagrams: apercus

Hooks: scauperS

Ana-hooks: capTures purcHase specuLar supercaR

'Typos': scalper scamper scarper

Blana-grams: acCrues acCuser acerOus arcuseS aruspeX auspIce caesurA caMpers capPers capresE capsuLe capTure carOuse carpeLs carpeRs carpeTs causerS cesuraE cesuraS cLasper crOupes crusaDe cupPers curaRes curaTes cuspaTe eparcHs escapEr escarpS pacKers parceLs parcHes parsecS paruRes pasTure pauPers pauserS percusS perusaL pLacers pLeuras praNces preacTs precasT precuTs pucKers recLasp recOups recusaL reDcaps repacKs respacE ruBaces saucerS saucIer scaLeup scarpeD scrapeD scrapeR scrapeS scrapIe screWup scrupLe scupPer secparS secuLar spacerS spacIer specTra specuLa spruceD spruceR spruceS suBrace sucraSe suNcare surFace Teacups upBears upraIse upraTes upreacH upreaRs upscaLe upsTare upTears Yaupers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acre acres ae ape aper apercu apers apes apres apse ar arc arcs arcus are ares ars arse as asp asper aures cap cape caper capers capes caps car care cares carp carps carpus cars carse case cause causer cep ceps cesura crap crape crapes craps cru crus cruse cue cues cup cups cur cure cures curs curse cusp ear ears eau ecru ecrus ecu ecus er era eras ers es escar escarp pa pac pace pacer pacers paces pacs par pare pares pareu pareus pars parse parsec pas pase pause pauser pe pea pear pears peas pec pecs per perc percs pes prase prau praus presa puce puces pur pure purs purse pus race races rap rape rapes raps ras rase rasp re reap reaps rec recap recaps recs rep reps res rue rues ruse sac sae sap sau sauce saucer scape scar scare scarp scaup scaur scrap scrape scup sea sear sec secpar ser sera serac spa space spacer spae spar spare spear spec spruce sprue spue spur sucre sue suer sup supe super supra sura sure up upas ups urase urea ureas urp urps ursa ursae us use user

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