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January 30th, 2012: BARYTE

Definition: BARYTE*BARYTES n barite

Anagrams: betray

Hooks: baryteS

Ana-hooks: batTery betrayS breatHy Drybeat tyPebar

'Typos': barite baryta

Blana-grams: abAter aLbert aMbery arbUte arteRy baetyL baIter baKery baNter barBet bareLy bareSt barLey barNey barRet barteR baryeS baSter batHer batLer batTer baXter bayteD beatEr beaUty beratE berayS bertHa beStar beWray bLater bLeary bOater bOrate bratTy brayeD brayeR breaDy breaSt breatH eartHy eatEry eLytra eStray eyEbar Gyrate Hearty Labret Lyrate Nearby Petary rabBet rayLet reaLty reaSty rebaIt rebatE rebatO reDbay rybatS Stayer Stayre tabeFy taberD taberS tabreT taMber tarbOy taWery teLary terbIa trayNe treaTy trebLy Uberty Watery yabBer yareSt yatTer ybreNt yerbaS

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet aby abye ae aery ar arb are aret art arty ary at ate ay aye ayre ba bar bare barye bat bate bay baye bayt be bear beat beray bet beta bey bra brae brat bray by bye byre byte ea ear eat er era et eta eyra rat rate ray re reb ret rya rybat rye ta tab taber tae tar tare tay te tea tear teary tray trey try trye tye tyer tyre ya yar yare yate ybet ye yea year yerba yet

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