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January 6th, 2012: TOTALISM

Definition: TOTALISM*TOTALISMS n centralized control by an autocratic authority

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: totalismS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': totalise totalist

Blana-grams: altoistS atomistS Halimots loamiEst mailLots mailsHot maltiEst mastiCot matElots mattoiDs mEtalist misalLot moDalist moRalist motliEst mUlattos smaltitE solatiUm somatiSt stomatAl stomatiC taliPots tRitomas Voltaism

Extensions: TEEtotalismS TEEtotalism(S)

Sub-anagrams: ai ail ails aim aims ais ait aits al alist alit almost alms als also alt alto altoist altos alts am ami amis as at atilt atom atomist atoms att io ios iota iotas is ism iso it ita itas its la lam lams las last lat lati lats li lima limas limo limos lis list lit litas lits lo loam loams loast loma lomas los lost lot lota lotas loti lots ma mail mails maist mal mali malis malist maloti mals malt malts mas mast mat matlo matlos mats matt matts mi mil milo milos mils milt milts mis miso mist mitt mitts mo moa moas moat moats moi moil moils moist moit moits mol mola molas mols molt molts mos most mot mots mott motts oast oat oats oi oil oils olm olms om omit omits oms os ostia ostial sai sail saim sal salmi salt salto sam sat sati si sial silo silt sim sima sit slam slat slim slit slot sma smalt smalti smalto smit smolt so soil sol sola soli soma somital sot st stat statim stilt stoa stoai stoat stoit stoma stomal stot ta tai tail tails tais tait taits tali tam tamis tams (and 33 more)

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