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January 4th, 2012: BLOODING

Definition: 1. BLOOD*BLOODS*BLOODED*BLOODING v to stain with blood (the fluid circulated by the heart) 2. BLOODING*BLOODINGS n a fox hunting ceremony

Anagrams: boodling

Hooks: bloodingS

Ana-hooks: bloodYing

'Typos': blooming blooping brooding flooding

Blana-grams: bloodFin bodinglY boodYing diobolOn dooDling doUbling dRooling globoidS inglobEd noodliNg Woolding

Extensions: BEblooding

Sub-anagrams: bi bid bidon big bin bind bing bingo bio biog blin blind blond blood bo bod boding bog boil boing bold bolo bon bond bong bongo boo booing bool boon boong di dib dig din ding dingo dino diobol diol do dob doblon dog doing dol doling don dong doo doob dool gi gib gid gild gin gio glib glid glob globin globoid go gob goblin gobo god gold gon goo good gool goold goon id idol igloo in indol ingo io ion li lib lid lido lig lin lind ling lingo lino lion lo lob lobi lobing lobo lod log login logion logo logoi logon loid loin long loo looing loon nib nid nil no nob nod nodi nog noil nolo noo ob obi oblong obo obol oboli od oi oil old olid olio on oo oon

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