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November 30th, 2011: COTTERED

Definition: COTTERED adj [see COTTER]

Anagrams: detector

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: cLottered corVetted detectorS Protected

'Typos': hottered pottered tottered

Blana-grams: ceNtrode corSeted corVeted corVette cUretted decorAte deFector detectEr detorteD dottereL ectoderM erotetIc eScorted eScotted eXtorted Hectored oBtected rePotted retoRted rocKeted roSetted Sectored tetrodeS tocHered toLtered treceNto Vectored

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cede ceder cee cere cered cero cert cete cod code coder coed cor cord core cored cot cote coted cott cotted cotter cred credo cree creed de deco decor dectet dee deer deet dere detect deter detort do doc doe doer dor dore doree dort dot dote doter dotter dree ecod ed ee er ere erect ered erode et octet od ode oe or orc ord ore ort otter ottered re rec recode recto red rede redo ree reed ret rete retted roc rod rode roe roed rot rote roted rotte rotted te ted tee teed teer terce tercet teredo tet tete tetrode to toc tod toe toed tor torc tore tort torte tot tote toted toter tree treed tret trod trode trot

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