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November 26th, 2011: CATERESS

Definition: CATERESS*CATERESSES n a woman who caters

Anagrams: cerastes

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: actresseS creasIest creasOtes creatRess eXactress reasceNts sarceNets scareDest sceLerats secateUrs sectarIes tesseracT traceLess

'Typos': caterers

Blana-grams: acCretes acerBest actressY asseNter asserteD asserteR careLess caresseD caresseR caresseS caseAtes caserNes casetTes cassetTe ceDrates ceLestas ceNtares cHeaters cLearest cOarsest cOasters craNtses crasseSt creaseRs creasOte creMates cressetS creVasse earNests ecstaseS ersatZes escaPers escHeats esterasE estraDes estreaTs eXacters Feasters Hectares Lectress Masseter Meercats Pectases Precasts reasceNt reasseRt recHates recHeats recRates rectRess reeNacts rescaLes resLates resPaces resPects restacKs restaGes restaTes retasTes retRaces saKerets sarceNet sarseNet scarCest scarIest scarLets scatTers sceLerat scePters scePtres seaMster searcHes secateUr secretEs secUrest serIates serRates sestercE setscreW sPecters sPectres stacKers starcHes steaLers steaMers sUrcease sWeaters teacHers tearLess terRaces terRases tesseraE tesseraL traPeses treacLes

Extensions: cateressES

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acers aces acre acres act actress acts ae aesc aesces ar arc arcs are ares aret arete aretes arets ars arse arses art arts as ass assert asset aster asters at ate ates caese car care cares caress caret carets cars carse carses cart carte cartes carts case cases cast caste caster casters castes casts cat cate cater caters cates cats ceas cease ceases cee cees cerate cerates cere ceres cert certes certs cess cesse cesser cesta cestas cete cetes crases crass crate crates crease creases create creates cree crees cress cresset crest crests ea ear ears earst eas ease eases east easter easters easts eat eater eaters eats ecarte ecartes ectases ee er era eras erase erases ere erect erects eres ers erses erst es escar escars eses ess esse est ester esters ests et eta etas race races ras rase rases rasse rast rat rate rates rats re react reacts reast reasts reate reates rec recast recasts recess recs recta ree rees reest reests res resat reseat reseats resect resects reses reset resets rest rests ret rete retes rets sac sacs sae saeter saeters sar saree sarees sars sat sate sates scar scare scares scars scart (and 105 more)

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