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August 26th, 2011: SERICIN

Definition: SERICIN*SERICINS n a kind of protein

Anagrams: irenics sirenic

Hooks: sericinS

Ana-hooks: cineriNs ciTrines criniTes incisUre inciTers inscriBe recisiOn riAncies sciUrine sOricine

'Typos': sericon

Blana-grams: Arcsine Arsenic Brinies cArnies cerAsin cerEsin ciMiers cinDers cineriN cisSier cisTern ciTrine ciTrins cOiners creMsin creTins criMine crinGes criniTe crinOse crisPen crisPin criVens crOnies crUisie cUisine Dineric Discern eirEnic eOsinic erisTic Hircine icinesS icOnise inciseD inciseS incisOr inciTer inciTes inDices inLiers insiDer insPire iOniser irOnies irOnise Kinesic Menisci Mincers Mincier neriTic niceisH nicHers nicKers nOisier Oneiric Orceins Orcines Pincers Pirnies Piscine Princes recOins rescinD ricHens riciesT ricinUs scrienE scrineS senArii sHinier sincerE sinKier snicKer sniPier sPicier sPinier Wincers Zincier

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cens cine cines cire cires cis cries crine crines cris crise en ens er eric erics ern erns ers es ice icer icers ices icier in incise ins ire irenic ires iris is ne nice nicer nie nies nis nisei nisi re rec recs rei rein reins reis ren rens res resin rice rices ricin ricins rin rine rines rins rinse rise risen scrine sec sei seir sen ser seric serin si sic sice sien sin since sine sir sire siren siri sri

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