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August 17th, 2011: RENEGADE


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: renegadeD renegadeS

Ana-hooks: generaTed greaTened greenHead reengaGed

'Typos': renegado renegate

Blana-grams: Careened dangereD deaDener degenDer degreaSe derangeD derangeS dUngaree endaNger endeareD engeNder engraCed engraVed enLarged enraNged enSeared gadArene gandereD gardeneD gardeneR garneRed gendarMe gendereD generaLe generaTe grandeeS grenadeS Largened reeaRned reengaGe regaIned regeaRed reHanged renagUed renegUed reVenged Serenade Teenaged Teenager Underage Ungeared

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ag age aged agee agen agene ager agree agreed an and ane anger angered ar ard are ared arede areg da dae dag dan dang danger dare darg darn de dean deaner dear deare dearn dee deen deer deere degree den dene derange dere dern drag dragee dree dreg ea eager eagre ean eaned ear eard eared earn earned ed edge edger ee een egad eger en end endear ender ene eng enrage enraged er era ere ered erg ern erne erned gad gade gae gaed gaen gan gander gane gar garden gare gean gear geare geared ged gee geed gen gena gender gene genera genre gere gerne gerned gnar grad grade gran grand grande grandee gree greed green greened gren grenade na nae nag nard nare ne near neared ned nee need needer nerd rad rade radge rag ragde rage raged ragee ran rand ranee rang range ranged re read rean red redan rede ree reed reede reeden reen reg regna ren rend renege reneged renga

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