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August 14th, 2011: TRANSUDE

Definition: TRANSUDE*TRANSUDED*TRANSUDING*TRANSUDES v to pass through a membrane

Anagrams: daunters untreads

Hooks: transudeD transudeS

Ana-hooks: Breadnuts daturInes denaturEs dePurants Indurates saunterEd transduCe transuMed underaCts underCast underEats untHreads

'Typos': transume

Blana-grams: adJuster anestruM anestruS astunNed audIents Bandster Bartends Breadnut Cantreds Centaurs danseurS darnDest daturIne daunDers denarIus denaturE denturaL denturEs dePurant detraIns deXtrans draGnets draunteD drunKest dunNarts duraMens duranCes durnDest enGuards Grandest Haunters Indurate Intrudes Launders Lurdanes Maunders Menstrua neutraLs Outdares Outearns Outreads Pastured Persaunt randIest readJust readOuts reCusant rOtundas rOundest ruInated ruInates rundaLes rundLets saunterS sauternE sedErunt sInuated sQuander standerS staTured straIned strandeD strandeR straunGe strunTed stunKard suBtrend surBated surnaMed surtaXed taunTers taurInes tHunders tOnsured tOrnades traduCes truanTed trudGens trundLes turBands turBaned unBraste unCarted unCrated unCrates underaCt underatE underEat undersaY undersEa undersEt undertaX undesErt undraPes undreaMt uneartHs unerasEd unHearts unItards unParted unraIsed unrestEd unrUsted unsaLted unsearEd unseatEd unsHared unsOrted unsPared unstaTed unstaYed unsteadY untarRed untasTed untHread untraCed untraCes untradeD unWasted unWaters uPdaters uPstared uPtrends uranIdes uranItes urBanest uretHans urInated urInates Vaunters

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads adust ae an and ands ane anes ant ante anted antes antre antres ants anus ar ard ardent ards are ared ares aret arets arnut arnuts ars arse art arts as aster astern astun asunder at ate ates aune aunes aunt aunter aunters aunts aures da dae daes dan dans danseur dant dants dare dares darn darns dart darts das date dater daters dates dauner dauners daunt daunter daunts daur daurs daut dauts de dean deans dear dearn dearns dears den dens dent dents derat derats dern derns deus drant drants drat drats draunt draunts drent drest druse duan duans duar duars due dues duet duets dun dune dunes duns dunt dunts dura durant durants duras dure dures durn durns durst dust duster ea ean eans ear eard eards earn earns ears earst eas east eat eats eau eaus ed en end endart endarts ends ens er era eras ern erns ers erst es est et eta etas etna etnas na nae nard nards nare nares nas nasute nat nates nats nature natured natures ne near nears neat neats ned neds nerd nerds nerts nest net nets nu nude nuder nudes nudest nur nurd nurds nurs nurse nursed (and 278 more)

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