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August 12th, 2011: DIACETYL

Definition: DIACETYL*DIACETYLS n biacetyl

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: diacetylS

Ana-hooks: edictalLy

'Typos': biacetyl

Blana-grams: acetyliC actiVely acylAted aRticled calidIty cilIated citadelS clayieSt cliMated dactyliC datiVely delicaCy delicatE dialectS dialytIc diaStyle diDactyl dielytRa diRectly ditHecal ecdySial etyPical idealIty laceRtid latTiced liteRacy Maledict Plicated Steadily

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acetyl acid acidly acidy act acted acyl ad adit ae ai aid aide ail ailed ait al alcid ale alec alit alt at ate atelic ay aye cad cade cadet cadi cadie caid calid cat cate cay cedi ceil cel celt cetyl cid cide ciel cit citadel cital cite cited city clad clade clat clay clayed cleat clied cly cyte da dace dacite dactyl dactyli dae daily dal dale dali dalt date day daylit de deal dealt decal decay dei deil deity del delay deli delict delt delta deltaic deltic detail dey di diact dial dialect dice dicey dict dicta dicty die diel diet dilate dit dita dital dite dye ea eat ecad eclat ed edacity edict edictal edit eild el eld eliad elt et eta etic eyliad ice iced ictal icy id ide idea ideal idle idly idyl ilea ileac it ita la lac lace laced lacet lacey lacy lad lade lady laic laid laity lat late lated lati lay layed lea lead leady leat led lei let ley li lice lid lie lied lit lite lited lycea lye lyte lyted lytic ta tace tad tae taed tael tai tail tailed tailye talc talced talcy tale tali (and 47 more)

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