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August 9th, 2011: ISOCLINE

Definition: ISOCLINE*ISOCLINES n a type of rock formation

Anagrams: silicone

Hooks: isoclineS

Ana-hooks: coliCines ePsilonic Picolines siliconeS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Alnicoes Binocles ceilinGs cHolines cielinGs cineolEs ciPolins coliCine coliCins colisTin colOnies colOnise coniiNes conseilS Decision eclosinG eclosiOn elisionS enclisiS ePinosic eTiolins eXcision Helicons iconiseD iconiseS iconiZes incliNes incloseD incloseR incloseS inDocile inVoices isoGenic isolineS lecTions leMnisci leUcosin leXicons licensoR lionceLs lioniseD lioniseR lioniseS lioniZes loGicise oilinesS oleFinic oliVines osciniNe Penicils Picoline Picolins Pinocles Policies Psilocin Recision sAlicine siliconS soRicine Telsonic

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil ceili ceilis ceils cel cels cens ciel ciels cine cineol cineols cines cion cions cis clies cline clines clon clone clones clons close coil coils coin coins col cole coles colies colin colins cols con cone cones coni conies cons conseil cos cose cosie cosine el elision eloin eloins els elsin en enol enolic enols ens eon eons eosin eosinic es esloin ice ices icon icones iconise icons ilices in incise incle incles inclose inisle ins insole io ion ionic ionics ionise ions ios is isle iso isoline lei leis lenis leno lenos lens les lesion li lice lie lien liens lies lin line lines lino linos lins lion lionise lions lis lo loci loin loins lone los lose losen ne nelis nice nicol nicols nie nies nil nils nis nisei nisi no noel noels noes noil noils noise nole noles nos nose oe oes oi oil oils ole oleic olein oleins oles on once onces one ones ons os oscine ose scion scone sec seco sei seil sel sen si sic sice sien sile silen sileni silicon silo sin since sine slice sloe so soc socle soil sol sole solei solein soli son sonce sone sonic

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