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June 18th, 2011: LIONISER

Definition: LIONISER*LIONISERS n one that lionises

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: lioniserS

Ana-hooks: liGroines lioniZers reliGions

'Typos': lionised lionises lionizer

Blana-grams: Ailerons Airlines Alerions Alienors Brionies Derision Disenrol elisionS eloinErs eTiolins iDoliser inCloser ioniserS ioniZers ironiesT ironiseD ironiseS ironiZes ironliKe ironsiDe isoCline isolineS liCensor liGroine liGroins linisHer lioniZes lorineRs Misenrol nirliesT niTriles oileriEs oilinesS oliVines Prolines reCision reliGion reoilinG resilinG resinoiD resolinG reTinols reVision rieslinG rinsiBle riPienos roiliesT seiGnior siliCone sirloinS slinKier snAilier soriCine Visioner

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el elision eloin eloins els elsin en enol enols enrol enrols ens eon eons eorl eorls eosin er ern erns eros ers es esloin in inisle inlier inliers inro ins insole io ion ionise ioniser ions ios ire ires iris iron irone irones ironies ironise irons is isle iso isoline lei leir leirs leis lenis leno lenos lens les lesion li lie lien liens lier liers lies lin line liner liners lines linier lino linos lins lion lionise lions lire liri lis lo loin loins loir loirs lone loner loners lor lore lores lories loris lorn los lose losen loser ne nelis nerol neroli nerolis nerols nie nies nil nils nirl nirlie nirls nis nisei nisi no noel noels noes noil noils noir noirs noise noisier nole noles nor nori noris norsel nos nose noser nosier oe oes oi oil oiler oilers oilier oils ole olein oleins oles on one oner oners ones ons or ore ores oriel oriels orle orles ornis ors os ose osier re rei rein reins reis ren rens reoil reoils res resin riel riels rile riles rin rine rines rins rinse rise risen roe roes roil roils roin roins role roles rone rones rose rosin (and 44 more)

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