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May 21st, 2011: WASTERY

Definition: WASTERY*WASTERIES n wastry

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: sterNway trawLeys

'Typos': mastery washery wasters

Blana-grams: awArest Barytes Betrays Bewrays Brawest estrayS estUary Fretsaw Grayest Gyrates Lawyers Mayster Qwertys rayLets sawyerS seCtary staGery stayerS stayreS stewarD straweD straweN strayeD strayeR streaKy streaMy swartHy swatHer swatTer swayerS sweatEr sweLtry tawNeys tewarTs tHawers trawLey trayNes twyerEs waBster waFters waIster waIters waNters warIest warMest warReys warstLe wastreL wastrIe wrasteD wrastLe wreatHs wreatHy yaPster yatTers yawNers yawPers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aery ar are ares aret arets arew ars arse art arts artsy arty ary as aster at ate ates aw awe awes awry ay aye ayes ayre ayres ays ea ear ears earst eas east easy eat eats er era eras ers erst es est estray et eta etas ewt ewts eyas eyra eyras ras rase rast rat rate rates rats raw rawest raws ray rays re reast reasty res resat resaw resay rest resty ret rets rew rews rya ryas rye ryes sae sar sat sate satyr saw sawer sawyer say sayer sea sear seat ser sera set seta sew sewar sey st star stare staw stay stayer stayre stear stew stewy stey strae straw strawy stray strew sty stye styre sware swart swarty swat sway swayer swear sweat sweaty swey swy sye ta tae taes tar tare tares tars tas taser taw tawer tawers tawery taws tawse tay tays te tea tear tears teary teas teras tes tew tews tray trays tres trew trews trey treys try trye tsar twa twae twaes twas tway tways twyer twyers tye tyer tyers tyes tyre tyres wae waes war ware wares wars warst wart warts warty wary was wase wast (and 51 more)

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