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March 23rd, 2011: ANTISMOG

Definition: ANTISMOG adj designed to reduce pollutants that cause smog

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: atomisIng sigmatIon sigmatRon stRoaming

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: agnostiC agonistS amAtions amniotEs amotiOns angiomAs angstRom antiLogs astoniNg Boasting Boatings Bostangi Coamings Coasting Coatings Cotingas Doatings Donatism Foamings gEomants giantIsm giGatons gnomistS goatsKin Hoasting Hoistman magnEtos maintoPs maLtings mangiEst maniHots manitoUs masoniNg matTings mEgatons migRants mintagEs misagEnt misatonE mitogEns moistIng monastiC montagEs moOtings moUsting ogHamist oRganism oRganist oUtgains Ptomains Roamings Roasting saintDom saLtoing smaRting smoOting smoUting soLating somniatE stamPing staSimon stEaming stomPing stoRming tamPings tamPions tangoisT tEamings tinamoUs toasTing Vamosing

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ag agin agio agios agism agist ago agon agonist agons ai aim aims ain ains ais ait aits am ami amigo amigos amin amino amins amis amnio amnios among amongst an angst ani anis ant anti antis ants as at atom atoms gain gains gainst gait gaits gam gamin gamins gams gan gant gants gas gast gat gats gi giant giants gin gins gio gios gis gism gismo gist git gitano gitanos gits gnat gnats gnomist go goa goas goat goats gon gonia gons gos got imago imagos in ingo ingot ingots inmost ins into io ion ions ios iota iotas is ism iso it ita itas its ma mag magi magot magots mags main mains maist man mang mango mangos mangs mani manis manito manitos mano manos mans mantis manto mantos mas masing mason mast masting mat matin mating matings matins mats mi mig migs mina minas ming mings mino minos mint mints mis misgo miso mist mna mnas mo moa moan moans moas moat moating moats mog mogs moi moist moit moits mon mona monas mong mongs mongst monist mons mos mosing most mot mots na nag nags nam nams naoi naos nas nat nats ngaio ngaios nim (and 139 more)

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