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March 9th, 2011: SHALEY

Definition: SHALEY*SHALIER*SHALIEST adj shaly

Anagrams: hayles haysel

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: eyElash hayselS shaPely shaWley

'Typos': shaled shales

Blana-grams: alePhs aleyEs alLeys alMehs asheRy ashleR asTely Basely Bayles Belahs Belays Blashy Chelas Chyles Delays easIly eaThly eThals eThyls Flashy Fleshy Gashly haleRs halesT halOes halseD halseR halseS halVes haNsel haOles hasleT hasSel hasSle hayeRs haZels healDs heaRsy heXyls hOyles hyeNas hyeTal hyleGs Kayles laChes lasheD lasheR lasheS laThes layeRs leaChy lehUas lyaseS lysaTe lyThes Measly Phylae Plashy Rashly Rayles Relays saFely saGely saMely saNely sealCh sealGh selahS sheaFy shealS sheIla shelFy shelLy shelTa shelTy shelVy shOaly slaTey slaVey slayeD slayeR sleaZy sylVae Whales Wheals yealMs

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahs al ale ales als as ash ashy ay aye ayes ays ea eas easy eh ehs el els es eyas ha hae haes hale hales halse has hay hayle hays he heal heals hes hey heys hye hyes hyla hylas hyle hyles la lah lahs las lase lash lay lays lea leas leash les ley leys lyase lye lyes lyse sae sal sale say sea seal sel selah sey sh sha shale shaly shay she shea sheal shy slae slay sley sly sye ya yah yahs yale yales ye yea yeah yeas yeh yes

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