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January 2nd, 2011: FINISHER

Definition: FINISHER*FINISHERS n one that finishes

Anagrams: refinish

Hooks: finisherS

Ana-hooks: sherifiAn

'Typos': finished finishes linisher

Blana-grams: fienDish fineriEs fireshiP fishLine freshinG inheriTs inshriNe Misinfer resinifY rhiZines shifTier snifFier snifTier Unifiers

Extensions: REfinisherS REfinisher(S) PHOTOfinisherS PHOTOfinisher(S)

Sub-anagrams: ef efs eh ehs en ens er erf ern erns ers es feh fehs feis fen feni fenis fens fer fern ferns fie fier fin fine fineish finer finers fines fini finis finish fins fir fire fires firn firns firs fish fisher fishier fresh fries fris frise he heir heirs hen hens her hern herns hers hes hi hie hies hin hins hire hires his hisn if ifs in infer infers ins ire ires iris is ish ne nef nefs neif neifs nesh nie nief niefs nies nife nifes nis nisei nisi re ref refs reh rehs rei reif reifs rein reins reis ren rens res resh resin rhies rhine rhines rif rife rifs rin rine rines rins rinse rise risen rishi sei seif seir sen ser serf serif serin sh she sherif shier shin shine shiner shinier shir shire shri shrine si sien sin sine sinh sir sire siren siri sirih sri

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