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December 20th, 2010: SNEAP


Anagrams: aspen napes neaps panes peans spean

Hooks: sneapS

Ana-hooks: apneAs aRpens aspenS napPes paeAns paeOns paesAn paneLs panNes paRens paTens peasEn peCans peKans pLanes sHapen speanS

'Typos': sneak

Blana-grams: aCnes aeOns aMens anIse ansAe anTes apeRs apneA apRes apseS aRpen asHen aspeR aVens Banes Beans Canes Capes Deans eaRns eLans epHas eTnas Fanes Gapes Geans Hanse Heaps Janes Japes Jeans Kanes Knaps Lanes Lapse Leans Leaps Manes Manse Means Mensa naBes naMes napAs napPe naRes naTes naVes neaRs neaTs neEps neMas nIpas Opens paAns paCes paeAn paeOn paGes paIns paIse paLes paneD paneL panGs panNe pansY panTs paRen paRes paRse paseO paseS pasSe pasTe paTen paTes paUse paVes paWns paXes peaGs peaKs peaLs peaRs peasE peaTs peCan peEns peIns peKan penaL penDs penEs penIs penNa peOns pHase pIans pInas pInes pLane pLans pLeas pLena pOnes pRase pResa psOae pUnas Rapes Reaps saLep saneD saneR saneS sCape sCena seDan senNa senSa sepaL sepIa sepTa seWan sHape sKean snaKe snapS snaRe snIpe spaCe spaDe spaeD spaeS spaKe spaLe spanG spanK spanS spaRe spaTe spaWn speaK speaR spenD spenT spIne sTane Tapes Tepas Usnea Vanes Wanes Weans Yeans

Extensions: sneapED sneapING

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane anes ape apes apse as asp en ens es na nae naes nap nape naps ne neap pa pan pane pans pas pase pe pea pean peas pen pens pes sae san sane sap sea sen snap spa spae span

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