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September 4th, 2010: VERISM

Definition: VERISM*VERISMS n realism in art or literature

Anagrams: vermis

Hooks: verismO verismS

Ana-hooks: misAver vermiLs vermiNs

'Typos': merism verist

Blana-grams: Aimers Aivers Armies Crimes Dermis Dimers Divers Drives erviLs Fermis Fivers Givers Grimes Hivers isOmer Jivers Kermis Livers Livres mAires mAries mAvies meriLs meriTs mievEs miLers miMers miNers mirveD miserE miserS miserY misTer miTers miTres miXers mOires mOiser mOvers mOvies mUsive Primes rAmies reivEs remisE remisS remiTs reviEs revisE rHimes rievEs rimeRs rimOse riveLs riveRs riveTs sAmier sCrive sHiver sHrive siLver simMer simPer siverS sKiver sLiver smiLer smiTer sPirem sTiver sTrive Timers Trevis vAries vermEs vermiL vermiN versiN veZirs viNers viPers vireOs virGes virOse visIer viVers viVres vOmers Wivers

Extensions: verismOS

Sub-anagrams: em emir emirs ems er ers es ire ires is ism me meri meris mes mi mir mire mires mirs mirv mirvs mis mise miser re rei reis rem rems res rev revs riem riems rim rime rimes rims rise rive rives sei seir semi ser si sim sir sire siver smir sri vers vie vier viers vies vim vims vire vires vis vise

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