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March 16th, 2010: SOLDO

Definition: SOLDO*SOLDI n a former coin of Italy

Anagrams: dools

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Bloods doloRs doolEs dRools Floods Goolds looRds loosEd oodlEs Podsol soloEd soolEd Woolds

'Typos': solde soldi solds sordo

Blana-grams: Alods Blood Bolds Bolos Bools Clods Colds Cools dHols dIols doDos doJos dolEs dolLs doloR dolTs dooBs dooKs doolE doolY dooMs dooRs doWls dRool dsoBo dsoMo Flood Folds Foods Fools Godso Golds Goods Goold Gools Holds Hoods Idols Kolos lIdos loAds loBos loCos lodEs loGos loIds looEd looFs looKs looMs looNs looPs looRd loosE looTs loRds losEd loTos lUdos Molds Moods Mools Nolos oBols odAls odoRs odsoS odYls olEos olIos oRdos osMol Plods Polos Poods Pools Roods sCold sHool sloId sloJd slooM slooP slooT sloYd sNood sNool sodoM soKol solEd solId soloN soloS soolE soTol sPool sTood sTool Tools Wolds Woods Woold Wools

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: do dol dols doo dool doos dos dso lo lod lods loo loos los od ods odso old olds oo oos os so sod sol sold solo

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