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December 27th, 2009: ROOSE

Definition: ROOSE*ROOSED*ROOSING*ROOSES v to praise

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Broose rooseD rooseR rooseS

Ana-hooks: Cooers Cooser Looser Morose Nooser oosIer Porose roDeos roMeos roNeos rosCoe serooN sooNer Torose Wooers

'Typos': boose goose loose moose noose roosa roost rouse

Blana-grams: Aeros Arose Boors Bores Broos Brose Ceros Cooer Cores Corse Corso Doers Doors Dorse Doser eorLs erosE esTro eUros Fores Froes Goers Goors Gores Gorse Heros Hoers Horse Kores Lores Loser Moors Mores Morse Noser oBoes oDors oGres oLeos oMers oNers oorIe ooseS ooZes orDos orFes orLes orZos osIer oVers oWres oXers oYers Pores Poser Prose Proso reDos reGos rePos resoD resoW roBes roDeo roDes roKes roLes roMeo roNeo roNes rooDs rooFs rooKs rooMs rooNs rooPs rooTs roPes roRes roseD roseS roseT roTes roTos roUes roVes sCore seNor seroN seroW serVo sHoer sHore sMoor sMore sNore soAre soBer soGer soLer sooeY sooLe sooTe soPor sorDo soreD soreE soreL soreR soreS soreX sorGo soWer sPoor sPore sToor sTore sWore Tores Toros Torse Torso Verso Wooer Worse Yores Zeros

Extensions: BrooseS rooseRS

Sub-anagrams: er eros ers es oe oes oo oor oos oose or ore ores ors os ose re res roe roes roo roos rose ser so sore

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