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December 8th, 2009: CONEPATL

Definition: CONEPATL*CONEPATLS n conepate

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: conepatlS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': conepate

Blana-grams: antelopE antIpole calotYpe capStone cenotapH cloDpate coMpleat conFlate copaRent copUlate coValent ecotOnal Falconet Gantlope lactoneS leptonIc octanGle opencaSt oUtplace pantoFle pectoRal pentaclE pentaNol placentA plancHet platonIc plectRon poetIcal polecatS polentaS poRtance potlacHe toWplane

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acne act ae aeon al ale alec aloe alone alp alt alto an ane anole ant ante ape apo apt at ate atone atop calo can cane canoe cant cantle canto cap cape caplet capo capon capote cat cate cel celt cent cental cento cep clan clap clapt clean cleat clept clon clone clop clot coal coapt coat col cola cole colt con cone conte cop copal cope copen cot cotan cote eat eclat el elan en enact enol eon epact et eta etalon etna la lac lace lactone lance lancet lane lap lat late laten lea lean leant leap leapt leno lent lento lept lepta lepton let lo loan loca locate lone lop lope lot lota na nae nap nape ne neap neat net netop no noel nopal nope noplace not nota notal note oat oaten oca ocean octal octan octane oe ole olea on once oncet one op opal ope open opt pa pac pace pact paeon pal pale palet pan pane panel pant panto pat pate paten pe pea peal pean peat pec pecan pelon pelota pelt pen penal pent peon pet petal place placet plan plane planet plant plat plate platen plea pleat plena pleon (and 43 more)

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