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October 2nd, 2009: SPADER

Definition: SPADER*SPADERS n one that spades

Anagrams: drapes padres parsed rasped spared spread

Hooks: spaderS

Ana-hooks: adpresS aspIred aspreAd daMpers dapPers deparTs despaIr dIapers drapeRs drapeTs Grasped padDers paNders parAdes pedLars peTards pHrased praIsed preasEd redCaps respadE sCarped sCraped sHarped spadGer sparGed sparKed sparRed spearEd spraYed spreadS

'Typos': shader spacer spaded spades sparer spider

Blana-grams: adDers adepTs adOres aIders aLders apOdes ardeBs areAds aredEs arpeNs asperS aspIre Bardes Beards Breads Cadres Capers Carped Cedars Craped Crapes daKers daMper dapPer dareRs darRes dasHer daTers daZers deaIrs dearEs dearNs deBars deGras deparT deraTs deraYs derMas deWars dIaper dOpers draKes drapeD drapeR drapeT drapeY dreaDs dreaMs dreaRs drUpes dUpers erasEd esCarp espadA eUpads Faders Farsed Gapers Gasped Gasper Grades Graped Grapes Harped Hasped Heards Hepars Irades Japers Jasper Laders Lapsed Lapser Lepras Madres Operas Oreads paCers padDer padLes paGers paIred paIres paNder paPers parAde pardeD pardeE pardIe pareOs pareRs pareUs parGed parGes parIes parKed parLed parLes parPed parRed parseC parseR parseS parTed paseAr pasHed pasSed pasSer pasTed pasTer paTers paUsed paUser paVers paWers paYers pearEs pearLs pearsT peasEd pedaLs pedLar pedrOs peraIs perdUs pesadE peTard peTars pHares pHased pHrase pLeads praIse praseS praTed praTes praXes praYed preasE prIdes prIsed prOsed prUdes prYsed pUrdas pUrsed radGes raIsed raMped rapeRs rapHes rapIds rapPed rasHed raspeR readDs reapEd reCaps redaNs redCap redIas redIps reMaps repaId repaNd repasS repasT repaYs resaId resEda rIsped saBred saCred sadDer saIred saNder sapPed sapPer sarApe sardeL sarOde saWder sCaped sCared sCrape searEd seCpar sepadS serapE serapH serdaB sHaped sHaper sHared sHerpa sNared sOaped sOaper sOared spaCed spaerS spaNed spareS sparGe sparId sparKe sparRe sparSe spaYed spearS spearY spHaer spHear spIrea spIred spOred spraId spredD spredS spreEd sTared sTeard sWeard Tapers Trades Traped Trapes Treads Waders Warped Yeards Zerdas

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ae ape aped aper apers apes apres apse ar ard ards are ared ares ars arse as asp asper da dae daes dap daps dare dares das de dear dears drap drape draps ea ear eard eards ears eas ed er era eras ers es pa pad padre pads par pard pards pare pared pares pars parse pas pase pe pea pear pears peas ped peds per pes prad prads prase pre presa rad rade rads rap rape raped rapes raps ras rase rased rasp re read reads reap reaps red reds rep reps res sad sade sae sap sar sard sared sea sear sed sepad ser sera spa spade spae spaed spaer spar spard spare spear sped sprad spred

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