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September 14th, 2009: LOSABLE

Definition: LOSABLE adj

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Closable

Ana-hooks: boNsella Isolable lobelIas solVable

'Typos': lovable

Blana-grams: abollAe abollAs absolVe albeDos balleRs balleTs ballIes balloNs balloTs balloWs beCalls beFalls beGalls belloWs boaTels bolaseS boUlles Callose eMballs Halloes labRose lobelIa lobUles loCales loesSal obelIas oblaTes Rosella sabellA salAble solUble soWable Volable

Extensions: UNlosable REClosable losableNESS FOREClosable losableNESSES

Sub-anagrams: ab able ables abo abos abs ae al alb albe albs ale ales all alls aloe aloes als also as ba bael baels bal bale bales ball balls bals bas base be bel bell bells bels blae blaes blase bo boa boas bola bolas bole boles boll bolls bos ea eas el ell ells els es la lab label labels labs las lase lea leal leas les lesbo lo lob lobe lobes lobs los lose losel ob oba obas obe obes obs oe oes ole olea oles olla ollas os ose sab sabe sable sae sal sale sall salle salol sea seal sel sell sella slab slae slob sloe so sob sol sola sole

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