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August 9th, 2009: DRAGLINE

Definition: DRAGLINE*DRAGLINES n a line used for dragging

Anagrams: danglier

Hooks: draglineS

Ana-hooks: deClaring derailIng engrailEd gerUndial girandOle grindelIa Heralding ladDering langridGe realignEd redialIng relandiNg relOading Treadling Triangled

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: adHering alerTing algerinE alignerS alLergin alTering Bearding Bilander Blearing Blindage Breading Clearing Cradling danglerS daringlY darKling darlingS darTling deairIng dealignS dealingS delaTing delaYing deraignS deraTing dialOger drainAge draWling dreaDing dreaMing engirdlE engrailS enlargEd Finagled Finagler gainlIer ganGlier gardeniA geraniAl geraniOl gerMinal gladLier glanderS gliadIne gnarlieR gradienT gradineS graPline grilLade Hardline indUlger inlaNder inTegral iSlander Janglier ladeniNg lagerinG laSering laYering leadingS learniNg lingerEd Maligned Maligner Malinger Margined Medaling Midrange nargHile nargileH nargileS Organdie Pearling Pedaling Pleading radDling raVeling readDing readingS readYing realignS redaTing redDling reEdling regainEd regalinG regiOnal relaCing relaTing relaXing relaYing renailEd Signaled Signaler Slangier Tanglier Treading Triangle Wrangled Yearling

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ag age aged ager agile agin ai aid aide aider ail ailed ain air aired airn al alder aldrin ale algid algin alien align aligned aligner aline alined aliner an and ane angel anger angle angled angler ani anil anile ar are areg argil argle argled arid ariel aril ariled da dag dal dale dan dang danger dangle dangler dare daring darling darn darnel de deair deal dealign dealing dean dear deign deil del deli den denar denari deni denial deraign derail dial dialer die diel dig din dinar dine diner ding dinge dinger dingle dire dirge dirl drag drail drain dreg ear earing earl earn ed egad egal el elain elan eland eld en end eng engild engird engrail er era erg ern gad gadi gae gaed gaen gain gained gainer gal gale galed gan gander gane gar garden garni gean gear ged gel geld gelid gen genial gi gid gie gied gien gild gilder gin gird girdle girl girn girned glad glade gladier glair glaire glaired gland glare glared glean gled glen glia glide glider gnar gnarl gnarled grad grade gradin gradine grail grain grained gran grand grid gride grin grind id idea ideal idle idler (and 145 more)

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