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May 20th, 2009: SECONDE

Definition: SECONDE*SECONDES n a position in fencing

Anagrams: encodes

Hooks: secondeD secondeE secondeR secondeS

Ana-hooks: censoRed codeInes conCedes condeNse coOsened ecdYsone encLosed encodeRs necRosed

'Typos': secondi secondo seconds

Blana-grams: Acnodes cenoTes cesTode codeIne codeIns conCede condeRs condIes condOes conGeed conGees conJeed conJees coRsned coZened deAcons deBones decAnes deceRns decoDes decoKes denoTes dePones descenD descenT dIocese docenTs docKens donNees ecdYson ecLosed encAsed encLose encodeD encodeR encoRed encoRes endoRse escoTed Incedes necRose oBscene Recodes scendeD scenTed sceRned sconCed scoRned senecIo snecKed sPondee Tedesco

Extensions: secondeES secondeRS UNsecondeD

Sub-anagrams: cede cedes cee cees cens cense censed cod code coden codens codes cods coed coeds con cond cone coned cones cons cos cose cosed de deco decos dee deen deens dees den dene denes dens dense do doc docs doe doen does don done donee donees dons dos dose dso ecod ed ee een en encode end ends ene enes ens eon eons es esne ne ned neds nee need needs no nod node nodes nods noes nos nose nosed od ode odes ods oe oes on once onces one ones ons os ose scend scene scened scone sec seco second sed see seed seen sen send sene sned snee sneed snod so soc sod son sonce sonde sone

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