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May 11th, 2009: CHRISOM

Definition: CHRISOM*CHRISOMS n chrism

Anagrams: chorism

Hooks: chrisomS

Ana-hooks: chorismS chrismoN chrisTom microhMs morichEs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: chAmiso chAmois chArism chiKors chimArs chimErs choKris chorisT choWris chrismA chrismS chromAs chromEs chromiC chromOs cohEirs coriUms crimsoN Droichs Echoism hEroics hEroism isochOr michErs microhM microNs mochiEr mohAirs moOrish morEish morichE moriscO morPhic orchiDs orchiLs osTrich rhomBic romPish Wormish

Extensions: UNchrisom

Sub-anagrams: ch chi chimo chirm chirms chiro chiros chis choir choirs chrism cis coir coirs coms cor corm corms cors cos cosh crim crims cris hi hic him his hm ho hoc hoi hors hos ich ichor ichors ichs io ios is ish ism iso mho mhos mi mico micos micro micros mir mirs mis miso mo moc moch mochs mocs mohr mohrs moi mor morish mors mos och oh ohm ohmic ohms ohs oi om oms or orc orchis orcs ors os osmic rho rhos rich rim rims roc roch rocs rom roms schmo scrim sh shim shir shmo shri si sic sich sim sir siroc smir smirch so soc soh sori sri

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