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April 24th, 2009: FRESCOER

Definition: FRESCOER*FRESCOERS n one that frescoes

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: frescoerS

Ana-hooks: coNfreres eNforcers reNforces

'Typos': frescoed frescoes

Blana-grams: coerCers coHerers coNfrere cosHerer coVerers crofTers Deforces efForces eNforcer eNforces erecTors ferreoUs forecArs foreseEr foresTer foreVers fosTerer ofFerers Perforce Prescore recoUres recoUrse recoVers recoWers reforesT reforGes reNforce reofFers rescoreD rescoreS resoUrce secreTor sorcereR

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cere ceres cero ceros cor core corer corers cores corf cors corse cos cose cree crees crore crores ee ef efs er ere eres erf eros erose err errs ers es feces fee feer feers fees fer fere ferer feres foe foes for force forcer forcers forces fore fores free freer freers frees frere freres fresco fro froe froes frore oe oes of or orc orcs ore ores orf orfe orfes orfs ors os ose re rec recs ree reef reefs rees ref refer refers refs rerose res rescore roc rocs roe roes rore rores rose score scorer scree sec seco see seer ser sere serer serf serr serre so soc sore soree sorer

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