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March 16th, 2009: MILEPOST

Definition: MILEPOST*MILEPOSTS n a post indicating distance in miles

Anagrams: polemist

Hooks: milepostS

Ana-hooks: polemistS simpletoN

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Compiles Complies episomAl epistomE epitomEs eXploits Helistop Helotism Hoplites imploDes imploRes impolIte imposteD imposteR isopletH liposOme loAmiest loOpiest lopPiest lUmpiest meliLots meloDist misSpelt moDelist molDiest motliesT Nepotism optimIse oUtsmile pAlmiest petiolEs pimeNtos pisolIte pistoleD pistoleS plimsoLe plotTies plUmiest poitRels polemiCs politesT politIes potliNes simpleSt spoliAte toilsOme topliNes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el elm elms els em emit emits ems epos es estop et imp impel impels impose impost imps is isle islet ism istle it item items its lei leis lept lest let lets li lie lies lime limes limo limos limp limpest limpet limpets limps lip lipe lips lis lisp list lit lite lits lo lop lope lopes lops lose lost lot loti lots me mel mels melt melts met metis metol metols mi mil mile miles milo milos mils milt milts mips mis mise miso mist mite mites mo moil moils moist mol mole moles molest molies mols molt molts mop mope mopes mopiest mops mos most moste mot mote motel motels motes motile motiles mots oe oes oi oil oils ole oles om omit omits oms op ope opes ops opt optime optimes opts os ose pe pelt pelts pes peso pest pesto pet pets pi pie pies pile piles pilose pilot pilots piolet piolets pis piso piste pistol pistole pit pits plie plies plot plots poem poems poet poets poi pois poise pol pole poleis poles polies polis polite pols pome pomes pose posit post postie pot pots potsie psi pst sei sel semi sept set si (and 99 more)

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