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October 23rd, 2008: SEPTIME

Definition: SEPTIME*SEPTIMES n a position in fencing

Anagrams: empties

Hooks: septimeS

Ana-hooks: emptieRs emptiesT epistOme epitHems epitOmes epsOmite Hempiest impLetes piPestem sepimeNt

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Betimes Despite eLmiest emetiCs emetiNs empiRes empRise emptieD emptieR emptiNs epeEist epimeRs episOme epistLe epitHem epitOme eXempts Hempies impAste impeDes impetUs impHees impLete impRese impRest impUtes itemIse Jimpest Limpest Limpets meisteR metepAs metieRs metisSe metOpes misKeep misKept misMeet misStep mistYpe mOpiest Optimes pAstime peCtise peeWits peLites peLmets peNtise pePtise peRmits pestieR petiTes petTies pietIes pietIsm pimeNts pOetise pRemies pRemise Reemits Respite Retimes semipeD spiReme steAmie stempeL stempLe tempeHs tempeRs tempesT tempLes tRemies tRiseme Uptimes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ee em eme emes emit emits ems es est et imp imps is ism it item items its me meet meets mes mese met mete metes metis mets mi mis mise mist mite mites pe pee pees peise pes pest pet pets pi pie pies piet piets pis pise piste pit pits psi pst see seem seep sei seme semi semie sept set si sim simp sip sipe sit site smee smit smite spet spie spit spite st steem steep stem steme step stie stime stipe te tee teem teems tees teme temes temp tempi temps tems temse tes ti tie ties time times timps tip tips tis

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