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May 7th, 2008: PORGIES

Definition: PORGY*PORGIES n a marine food fish

Anagrams: serpigo

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: gosSiper groUpies perigoNs pirogIes pirogUes reposiNg spoNgier

'Typos': porkies

Blana-grams: Copiers Copsier epigoNs epiLogs eriNgos gAspier gipPers gLoires gLories goiTers goiTres goOpier goOsier gopHers goriesT gorsieR gripeRs gripPes gropeRs groUpie igNores iMposer ogreisH ogreisM orpiNes perigoN perioDs periosT persiCo persiNg pierogI pigeoNs piNgers piNgoes pioNers pirogeN pirogUe pisHoge poDgier poiserS poNgier poriesT poUries presoNg prisAge proigNs proiNes proLegs proMise prosieR prosiNg prosSie prosTie proXies regioNs reposiT riposTe ropiesT ropiNgs roseHip seMipro sigNore sLopier soApier sogGier sopPier soUpier spAirge spoiLer spoNger sporiNg spriNge

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: egis ego egos epos epris er erg ergo ergs eros ers es geo geos gi gie gies gio gios gip gips giro giros gis go goe goer goers goes goier gor gore gores gorp gorps gorse gos grip gripe gripes grips gris grise grope gropes io ios ire ires is iso oe oes ogre ogres oi op ope opes ops or ore ores orgies ors os ose osier pe peg pegs per peri peris pes peso pi pie pier piers pies pig pigs pir pirog pirs pis pise piso po pogies poi pois poise poiser pore pores porge porges porgie pos pose poser posier pre pries prig prigs prise pro prog progs pros prose psi re reg rego regos regs rei reis rep repo repos reps res rig rigs rip ripe ripes rips rise risp roe roes rope ropes rose seg sego sei seir ser si sip sipe sir sire so sog soger sop sore sori speir spie spier spire spore sprig sprog sri

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