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April 22nd, 2008: TROCHEE

Definition: TROCHEE*TROCHEES n a type of metrical foot

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: trocheeS

Ana-hooks: cohereNt coMether hectoreD hectoreR ochreAte recLothe tochereD torcheRe

'Typos': troches

Blana-grams: Botcher cheAter cheerIo cheeroS cheroOt chorDee choreeS chortLe coereCt coeXert cohereD cohereR cohereS corteGe coterIe coUther coVeter coWtree croChet echoerS ecorChe eJector eLector eLectro erectoR erethIc etcherS etherIc Fechter Fetcher hectAre hectorS heretIc heteroS Merchet Notcher ochereD ochreAe ocreAte Potcher rechAte recheAt rechoSe retcheD retcheS reteAch retoUch rochetS rotcheS rotchIe teAcher techIer teUcher theoreM theorIc thereoF thereoN thereTo tocherS torcheD torcheR torcheS toUcher Whereto Wotcher

Extensions: DItrocheeS DItrochee(S)

Sub-anagrams: cee cere cero cert cete ch che cheer cheero cher chere chert chore choree cohere cor core cot cote coth cree ech eche echo echoer echt ee eech eh er ere erect et etch etcher eth ethe ether he hector her here hereto hero heroe het hete hetero ho hoc hoe hoer hore hot hote och oche ocher ochre oe oh or orc ore ort other re rec recto ree reech reecho reh ret retch rete rho roc roch rochet roe rot rotch rotche rote te tech tee teer tehr terce the thee there tho three thro throe to toc tocher toe tor torc torch tore tree troche

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