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April 11th, 2008: GALLEIN

Definition: GALLEIN*GALLEINS n a green dye

Anagrams: nigella

Hooks: galleinS

Ana-hooks: alleginG alleRgin geniallY laBeling lingUlae nigellaS

'Typos': galleon

Blana-grams: agilelY ainSell aleYing alienlY aligneD aligneR allOnge allYing aneliNg angeliC angliCe aTingle Balling Belling Calling Celling Dealing eanliNg elaTing ellagiC engRail Falling Fealing Felling Finagle galeniC galileE gallieD gallieS gallinG galliSe galliZe gealinG gelaTin gellanT gellinG geMinal geniTal gillneT ginGall Halling Healing Helling illegaL Jelling Jingall laDling laeRing lalLing langleY langRel leaDing leaFing leaKing leaMing leaniNg leaPing leaRing leaSing leaVing leglanS leglinS lignaGe ligUlae linaBle linageS lineagE lingelS lingleS lingUae lingUal lingUla linKage lOgline Malling Manille Mealing Melling Millage naRgile nealiNg Palling Pealing Pillage Pleaing Ralline Realign Reginal Sealing Selling Telling Tillage Unagile Vealing Village Walling Welling Yealing Yelling

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agen agile agin ai ail ain aine al ale algin alien align aline all an ane angel angle ani anil anile ea ean egal el elain elan ell en eng gae gaen gain gal gale gall gan gane geal gean gel gen gena genal genial gi gie gien gila gill gin glean glei glen glia glial ilea ileal ill in ingle la lag lain lane lang lea leal lean leg legal leglan leglin lei leng li liane liang lie lien lienal lig ligan ligne lin linage line lineal ling linga lingel lingle na nae nag nail ne neal nie nil nill

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