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March 29th, 2008: PRAWNED

Definition: PRAWN*PRAWNS*PRAWNED*PRAWNING v to fish for prawns (edible shellfishes)

Anagrams: predawn

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: predawnS Unwarped

'Typos': brawned prawner

Blana-grams: aprOned awArned dawnerS enwrapS Operand padrOne panderS pandOre pardIne pardneR parPend pawnerS pranCed pranGed pranKed prewaRn redRawn Spawned Spawner Undrape Unpared Updrawn wanderS wapPend wardenS wrapPed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae an and ane anew ape aped aper ar ard are ared arew arpen aw awe awed awn awned awner da dae dan dap dare darn daw dawen dawn dawner de dean dear dearn deaw den dern dew dewan dewar drap drape draw drawn drew ea ean ear eard earn ed en end enwrap er era ern na nae nap nape nard nare naw ne neap near ned nep nerd new pa pad padre pan pand pander pane paned par pard pare pared paw pawed pawer pawn pawned pawner pe pea pean pear ped pen pend per pern pew prad prawn pre rad rade ran rand rap rape raped raw rawn re read rean reap red redan ren rend rep repand rew rewan wad wade wader wae wan wand wander wane waned wap war ward warden ware wared warn warned warp warped we wean wear wed wen wend wrap wren

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