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March 28th, 2008: DEHORT

Definition: DEHORT*DEHORTS*DEHORTED*DEHORTING v to try to dissuade

Anagrams: throed

Hooks: dehortS

Ana-hooks: Frothed Northed Shorted theroId thoNder thorNed throNed torChed troThed Worthed

'Typos': dehorn deport detort

Blana-grams: Betrod Bother Chored deArth deBtor derthS detoUr deXtro dIther doAter dorteD dorteR doterS dotIer dotTer doUter droUth edItor eXhort Forted Fother hAtred heCtor herEto herIot hetEro hoAred hoLder hoOted hoOter hordeD hordeS horNed horNet horSed horSte hoSted hotBed hotrOd hotTed hotTer hoUted Lother Method Mothed Mother Nother oChred orAted otherS oUther oUtred Ported Pother redoUt redtoP reShod reShot retoLd retRod rhetoR rhodIe rIoted roAted roChet rodeNt roOted roRted roSted rotChe rotheR rotTed roUted roWted Shoder Shored Sorted Stored Strode terEdo theorY thoLed thorPe thoUed threAd throeS throNe throVe throWe tIerod toCher toShed toSher toTher toUred trIode troAde troChe trodeS troKed troPed troWed Whored Zeroth

Extensions: dehortED dehortER dehortERS dehortING dehortATION dehortATIVE dehortATORY dehortATIONS

Sub-anagrams: de derth do doe doer doeth doh dor dore dort dot dote doter doth ed edh eh er et eth he her herd hero het ho hod hoe hoed hoer horde hore hot hote od ode oe oh ohed or ord ore ort other re red redo reh ret rho rod rode roe roed rot rote roted te ted tehr the tho thro throe to tod toe toed tor tore trod trode

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